Get Your Home Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is on its way which means one of you has to take the initiative and out-romance the other. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, then we have some gorgeous tips that can help you get your home ready for the perfect Valentine’s day.

Remember, Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be stressful! Why scour the internet searching for the perfect gift—or spend a fortune on something that your other half doesn’t even really need—when you can offer a gesture instead? By following these steps and kitting your home out with a little love, it will be all the Valentine’s day gift they could ask for!

You can’t go wrong with candles

OK, so perhaps having a hundred little fire hazards scattered around the home when you have children isn’t the wisest idea. However, if you don’t have children or are fortunate enough to have the evening to yourselves, then a touch of ambient lighting can really set the scene. You can buy loads of little tealights for next to nothing and strategically place them throughout the house—just be sure to save the fancy, scented candles for the bath.

Flowers are always a winner

It’s customary to buy Roses on Valentine’s day, but that doesn’t mean you have to. They can be ridiculously over priced and tend to wilt and die within a few days (not a great symbol for romance if you ask me). In any case, a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers is a wonderful gesture.

If you’d like to go one better, why don’t you buy your better half the gift of flowers that will last? A new house plant perhaps, or some gorgeous flowers to be planted in the garden. That’s a more fitting symbol for a love that’s meant to last, is it not?

Display some memorable photos

How often are we gifted photo-frames that we rarely remember to fill for Christmas and Birthdays? Why don’t you use this opportunity to display some memorable photos from great times that you’ve shared together? You can scatter these picture frames throughout the house and take your loved one on a journey through time.

Create warmth with rugs & blankets

If you haven’t already, now is a great opportunity to kit your home out with some delicious rugs. Particularly if you have laminate flooring throughout, large, fluffy rugs can make your home feel much more cosy and warm. Have a look around and see what you can find; if you can get a beautiful coloured rug for the bedroom, then you can make your little nest that little bit more inviting.

Choice lamps for mood-lighting

Mix and match with some candles and a few lamps. You could even buy a string of fairy-lights to hang around the home and create a beautiful and romantic ambiance. Then, you can get cuddled up on the sofa under some blankets with a bottle of wine or two.

Run the bath

Get some scented candles, perhaps a few rose petals, and pop a bottle of champagne on ice. You can either run a bath for two, or set it up so that your other half can enjoy a relaxing bath whilst you cook a romantic dinner. Don’t forget to grab some aromatic bath bombs and to put together a playlist of their favourite music to unwind to. With all these heart-felt gestures, you’ll be raking in the bonus points.

Leave a trail of handwritten notes

If your handwriting is as terrible as mine, then you may wish to have some little romantic notes printed out in advance. There’s nothing sexy about a trail of seductive notes that look like they were written by a child. In any case, a few notes that lead them through the house to the desired location is always a great way to get you both in the Valentine’s mood—especially if they end up in the bathroom, with a steaming hot bath waiting for them.

Enjoy one another

Valentine’s day is about appreciating the one that you are with and celebrating your love for one another. Use this time to think about everything that they do for you, and thank them by turning your home into a romantic, cosy love-nest. The most important thing of all, is to enjoy yourselves.