Reasons to Move to Somerset, England

If you’re looking for reasons to move to Somerset in England, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to list some reasons why Somerset is an incredibly desirable place to live; and why it has become increasingly popular in recent years for those looking to relocate to the British countryside.

Read on and find out if Somerset is indeed, all it’s cracked up to be and whether or not it’s the right move for you.

The boundless beauty

Somerset is arguably among the finest natural landscapes in all of England. If you’re a fan of glorious patchwork fields that span as far as the eye can see, then you’ll love cruising through Somerset’s idyllic country lanes. The rolling hills, the rugged coast and the luscious green should be inspiration enough to get you through each day with a smile on your face.

Lead a better quality of life

The general quality of living in Somerset is higher than many other places in the UK. This is largely due to the gorgeous surrounding countryside. Residents tend to lead healthier lifestyles, what with the bountiful supply of fresh produce, scenic rambling, and spontaneous river dips!

It’s perfect for young families (and grandparents)

Whether you’re a young family looking for a place to raise children, or you’re approaching retirement and fancy a quiet place to settle down, Somerset is the ideal choice. You can afford your children a little more freedom in the countryside. Letting your children out after dark in a big-city environment can be dangerous. However, in a quiet country community, your children can explore their childhood in relative safety.

If you are grandparents and in search of a place to settle, living in the countryside has many benefits. Think about how much fun it will be for your little ones? Going to visit their grandparents will be exciting enough as it is, without the added bonus of being able to explore the countryside, take the dog for a walk, climb trees, and go splashing about in rivers.

Stunning beaches within reach

Somerset is home to a number of stunning beaches for you to explore! If you like the idea of eating traditional fish & chips by the sea, or taking a stroll along the beach with an ice-cream, then you’ll adore this county.

Cider & cheese: the only two reasons to move to Somerset

Certainly there are many other things going for Somerset, but none quite as important as Cider and Cheese. As far as reasons to move to Somerset go, these two are up there! Why? Because Cider and cheese are (amazing) a crucial part of Somerset’s long and rich cultural tapestry and are celebrated in a number of festivals throughout the year. If you’re a lover of fine cider and cheese, then you’ll find them both in abundance here!

The cultured city of Bath

Bath is an architecturally stunning city with so much to offer. If you enjoy a little culture and would like to immerse yourself in the world-renowned Roman bath’s, then you can do so (among many other landmarks such as Bath Abbey and a selection of art galleries & museums).

Reasons to move to Somerset: Bath

A booming art scene

Whatever your vice, whether it be exploring art galleries, watching live music, enjoying stand-up comedy or pondering the spoken word, Somerset has a thriving art scene. Bristol in particular is an amazing place to explore, with an ever-growing community of talented artists from all over the world.

Music festivals

If you are into music festivals then you’ll be pleased to learn that Somerset holds a number of reputable events. In fact, Glastonbury, which is arguably the largest and most popular annual music festival in the world, takes place right here, in Somerset.

Awe-inspiring castles

Somerset is littered with history. In fact, there are countless castles and ruins that you can explore throughout the countryside, so you’ll never be short of things to do of a weekend.

reasons to move to Somerset: Awe-inspiring castles

Fascinating landmarks

In addition to the beaches, the castles, and the countryside, Somerset has a number of fascinating landmarks. Take Cheddar Gorge as an example: carved out in the Ice Age, Cheddar is Britain’s largest gorge, boasting an elaborate cave system and limestone cliffs which tower from the valley floor. This is just one of the many days out that you can enjoy when living in Somerset.

Reasons to move to Somerset: Conclusion

Honestly, there are many reasons why Somerset is such a great place to live. It all depends on what you as an individual or family are looking for. If it’s peace and quiet that you’re after, then you can find it. That said, there are big and bustling cities like Bath and Bristol that offer plenty of excitement as well. The main thing however, is that if you’re looking for unparalleled beauty, then Somerset is up there, among the most stunning locations in all of England.

If you are interested in moving to Somerset, then head over and check out our current development, Lavender Close. It’s a luxury development in the heart of a quiet community, surrounded by a gorgeous natural landscape. Should you have any questions at all, then please feel free to contact us at your convenience.