The Advantages of Buying New-Build Homes

The term: “they don’t make them like they used to”, holds a different meaning when it comes to buying property. New-build homes in many cases are far superior to older properties as construction methods and materials have significantly improved. Certainly, there are benefits to buying an older property, but a new-build almost always comes up top—here’s why.

1 – New build-homes have superior structural integrity

The structural integrity of a property largely depends on the age of the home. For example: if you buy a house which is several hundred years old, then it’s not going to be half as sturdy as a new-build and will likely need costly repairs & regular maintenance. Of course, there are those who buy older properties with the intention of renovating or converting them; however, if you are looking for a home—as opposed to turning a profit—then a premium quality new-build is the way to go.

2 – Structural warranty

Most decent new-build homes will come with a minimum 10 year structural warranty, to in excess of 20. These will protect you from any major structural damage or defects in your home. Typically, you will also receive builder’s warranty for appliances, with extended manufacturer’s warranty on top. Buying an older property on the other hand, comes with the risk of not having any at all.

Not only does structural warranty afford you a little peace of mind, but it will save you a considerable amount of money in the event that something should go wrong. At Martins Developments, we offer warranty merely as a formality, as we are extremely confident in the premium quality of our finished product. Simply put, you’ll never need to rely on it, but it’s there.

3 – New-build homes are energy efficient

New-build homes are designed to a much higher standard today, adhering to minimum industry standards for energy efficiency. Everything from the insulation, to the heating system itself is designed with eco-efficiency in mind. As energy costs continue to soar, it’s important to consider the fact that a new-build can save you can awful lot each month and in the long run.

Yes, you can retrofit an existing home to be more energy efficient, but these methods are typically very expensive! When buying a new-build, it’s already sorted for you. Simple.

In addition to the materials and utility systems used to build new homes, the appliances are energy efficient as well. Yet another bonus!

4 – Security

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new-build is the fact that they’re much more secure. That and in most cases new-builds come with existing security features (i.e., a burglar alarm).

Not only will this added security make you feel more comfortable in your own home, but will contribute to lower home insurance premiums as well.

5 – New-build homes are safer and free of hazards

Health & safety standards in the way that homes are constructed have gone through many changes over the years. Thus, modern homes are built to the strictest standards using fire-resistant materials and smarter smoke detection systems, to name a few.

At Martins Developments, we take extra precautions during the design process. We check, double-check and then check again to ensure that our new-build homes are optimised correctly. If you want a safe and comfortable haven in which to raise a family, then you should explore our current developments.

6 – Deals

better deals for new-build homes

In many cases, buying a new-build home can save you money. Not including the money that you’ll save on monthly utility costs, general maintenance & repairs, and renovations; you may have access to certain deals as well. For example, the government’s Help to Buy equity loan scheme which offers buyers the opportunity to purchase with as little as a 5% deposit. For new-build homes that do not meet the loan requirements, you may yet be able to strike a deal (e.g., potential discount for cash purchases, etc).

Furthermore, there are typically mortgage financing perks to be acquired through your property developer. Often they will have preferred lenders that can offer paying points or closing costs and buy down certain rates for you. In any case, there are many options for you to explore.

7 – New-build homes create brand-new communities

When you move into an existing property, you’re ‘the new kid on the block.’ However, when you purchase a new-build home, you’re part of a brand-new community—one that you’ll be able to build together.

Of course, some smaller projects will be developed in existing communities—but don’t worry, because lot of thought goes into it before finalising the decision. This means that your new home will be located in the heart of a desirable location with an existing, thriving community of friendly people. For example: our current development in Lavender Close is located in a quaint country village just outside Frome in Somerset.

8 – Awesome local amenities

Many old homes in existing communities lack amenities. Sure, there might be a shop and a local pub, but that might not always be enough. The good thing about purchasing a new-build, is that they’re often built in areas with plenty of local attractions, such a public pools, tennis courts and plenty of shopping, etc. That said, there’s something special about living in a quaint village where the glorious surrounding countryside almost certainly makes up for it.

9 – New-build homes favour optimised space

optimised space in new-build homes

If you like to entertain and have guests visit regularly, then you’ll love the way that new-build homes are optimised in terms of space. They opt for open plan areas with an abundance of room which is perfect for big families with social lifestyles.

10 – Modern wiring

It’s great moving into a new-build which has plenty of modern wiring and outlets boasting USB functionality and so forth. It’s these little details—such as not having to trail extension cables throughout the house—that make new-builds all the more worth it.


All in all, you really can’t go wrong with buying a new build home. Again, if you want to buy an older property to do up and flip for profit, then that’s your prerogative. However, with so many irrefutable advantages, we would always recommend purchasing a new-build.

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If you’re interested in buying a new-build home and would like to explore our current developments, then please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.