10 Signs it’s Time to Move to the Countryside

Do you often dream about leaving the big city to move to the countryside? Perhaps on days when you’re stuck in traffic, or finding yourself overwhelmed by dull, grey buildings as far as the eye can see, you feel it more. But how do you know if you’re ready for a change like that? How can you be certain that it’s the right move for you? After all, you have to consider your career, the cost implications involved with moving your life from A to B, and so much more.

In this post, we’re going to list a few clear signs that may indicate it’s time for you to move to the countryside. This isn’t a how-to guide…it’s more a nudge out the door. As you go through this list, if you find yourself ticking off a lot of boxes, then it’s definitely worth giving the move some serious consideration. Ready?

move to the countryside

1 – You’re reading this post

It doesn’t get much clearer than this. If you’ve taken the time out of your day to read a blog post titled “Signs it’s time to move to the countryside”, then guess what? Deep down, it’s what you really want. That said, we’re but humble property developers, not psychologists, so we could be wrong.

2 – If you want fresh air, move to the countryside

After so many years of living in a big city like London for example, you can really start to feel the pollution taking its toll. In some parts of London, the air is thick enough to slice with a butter knife. Is that the sort of environment you want to live in?

We cannot deny the benefits of living in a big city, particularly if your career dictates it. However, if you’re conscious of the environment that you’re living in and it plays on your mind quite regularly, then it’s high-time you considered your alternatives.

3 – You leave the city any chance you get

Everybody loves having time off work and escaping their day-to-day as often as possible. However, if you’re actively making a point of leaving the big city and into the countryside, then it could be that the great outdoors is calling your name.

4 – If you need more room to breathe, move to the countryside

It’s no secret that properties in big cities are significantly more expensive than that of the countryside. Thus, for your budget, you may have found yourself living in a relatively tight space with little room to breathe. If this is the case and you and your family are seemingly on top of one another all the time, then perhaps a bigger house is on the cards?

In addition to that, cities can be rather cramped and colourless. Most inner-city properties don’t even have a garden, so it’s no wonder why many people feel the stress. But what if you could own a larger house with a huge garden space, and neighbouring fields & trees to boot? If that sounds appealing to you then you’ll love our current development, Lavender Close.

5 – You feel unsafe

It could be anything from walking down the street at night by yourself; letting your children play outside after school; or leaving your window open overnight. If you’re feeling particularly unsafe in your neighbourhood, then it’s a rather clear sign that the countryside is better suited to you. Not only are crime rates much lower, but the general sense of community will make you feel safer as well.

6 – If the commute is driving you insane, move to the countryside

Especially in big cities like London, driving a car to work is often not an option. Nobody wants to crawl too and fro work in traffic, nor pay an arm & a leg for parking either; thus they opt for public transport instead. Sure, it’s the green thing to do, but it’s time consuming as well. Again, do you really want to spend several hours a day sat on a tube train or on a bus?

Sure, living in the countryside will mean that you’ll likely have to commute, but with so little congestion it will be a breeze.

7 – You’d rather fall asleep to the sound of nature

After a while, the distant sounds of the highway and the occasional honking horn can be quite soothing. However, when compared to the chirping of crickets and rustling of the leaves in the trees—well, there really is no comparison. So, if you’re tired of the raucous noise of the city, you best start looking for forever home in the countryside.

8 – If you’re craving community, move to the countryside

move to the countryside for community

The big-city life can take its toll, especially when you find yourself walking past hundreds & hundreds of people a day without saying a word. This is especially awkward on the commute to work. Most of the time you’ll find yourself surrounded by scores of people, all sat in silence. Well, needless to say this doesn’t happen in the countryside.

So, if you’d like to live in a tighter community where you can get involved with various events and feel like you’re a part of something, then you won’t be disappointed. Take Lavender Close as an example: this project of ours is being constructed in a gorgeous little village in Somerset, where the old post box is now a book-swap. Can you imagine trying to start a book-swap in an old phone box in central London?

9 – You want a more active lifestyle

The beauty in being surrounded by miles of fields and forests, is being able to enjoy them whenever you like. Yes, you can lead an active lifestyle in the city with a gym membership, but which would you prefer?—Jogging on the spot in a sweaty gym, or running through a field with endless panoramic views and the fresh air in your lungs?

10 – Because you’re ready…

It’s time for you to start living your life the way that you want to. There are many things that can stop us from moving to the countryside (e.g., peer pressure from friends, our work commitments, fear of change), but if it’s what you want deep down and you know it’s for the best, then perhaps it’s time.

If you feel ready, then you are ready. Yes, you’ll have to do your research and find the perfect luxury property development for you. But so long as you do your due diligence, you will be able to turn this day-dream into your reality. So, what are you waiting for?

Luxury property developers in the South-West

One thing you should know about Martins Developments, is that we’re passionate about country living (unless you hadn’t guessed that already). Thus, we build premium quality developments in the most sought-after countryside locations.

If you’re keen to make the change and would like a gorgeous home in the South-West of England, then we’ll almost certainly have the perfect place for you to call home. Simply contact us today to discuss some of our current developments and we’ll see about arranging a viewing for you. In addition to that, if you have any further questions about living in the countryside, we’ll gladly share our personal experiences with you as well.