Make Your Home Cozy for Crimbo

It’s that time of year again. You’re either climbing the walls with excitement, or doing all you can to avoid turning on the radio through fear of being ambushed by Michael BublĂ©. Yup, it’s Christmas, and unless you want your chestnuts roasting on an open fire, you best get on board!

But whether you’re feeling particularly festive or not, there’s one thing that we all have in common: the dreadful cold. Which is why we’ve decided to put together a handy little list on how to make your home more cozy for Christmas. In fact, if you’re not in the festive mood at all, then this post will be perfect for you, as by the time you’re finished, it will be impossible not to be (unless you’re an A-Class Scrooge that is)!

1 – Create a warm & festive welcome

Christmas wreath

Not one for large Christmas displays outside your house? Well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a tastefully warm and festive welcome. Something as simple as a wreath on the door can go a long way to make you feel even more glad to be home of an evening.

Following that, the hallway to your home is the perfect place to create a warm welcome. Try picking up some cheap lanterns or glass holders for candles to brighten the place up with a festive glow. Oh! And don’t forget to lay out some gert big wool rugs as well.

2 – Decorate your fireplace

The fireplace in your main living area should be the focal point of your cozy Christmas adventure (after the tree of course). Decorate it as you like with stockings and colourful candles. If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry, as Netflix offers an alternative! Checkout Fireplace for Your Home! It feels a little silly, but you’ll be surprised by how cozy it feels when putting it on the TV.

3 – Lay your festive feast table

The beautiful thing about this time of year is that it encourages you all to sit down and share dinner as a family. Many families struggle with this for the rest of the year, particularly as the kids get older and have live’s of their own. However, you should take the time to decorate a top table in any case so that you’ll enjoy sharing dinner all the more.

Something as simple as a festive table cloth with a few candles can really make a big difference.

4 – Snug seating is key

After a hard day at work and struggling with the cold commute in between, you’ll want some snug seating to come home to. Crack the heating on or light the fire, and then cuddle up on the sofa with extra cushions and some blankets.

Soft sheepskin and woolen blankets are particularly handy during this time of year.

5 – Cover those cold surfaces

It’s cold enough as it is at this time of year without having to contend with smooth, hard surfaces. Take the tiled floor in the bathroom as an example: jumping out of the shower is a struggle already, so why not make it that little bit easier by laying a cozy rug down? Not only will it make the bathroom feel more inviting, but it will give your tired feet a break as well!

6 – Share mulled wine every night!

The best thing about Christmas? Being able to say: “ah bugger it, it’s Christmas.” Thus, you should take full advantage and drink as much mulled wine as you can. Don’t like it? Drink it anyway and learn to. There’s nothing better than walking into your home to be greeted by the sweet and enticing scents of cinnamon, citrus & nutmeg, accompanied by a warm embrace.

Are you looking for a new place to call home?

Perhaps Christmas in your current house doesn’t feel quite as cozy as you’d like, and there’s no amount of blankets that you can throw at is to make it as such. Are you ready to upgrade to a bigger home that you can share Christmas in with your loved one’s without feeling the freezing cold? A new home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to heat up after Jack Frost has done the rounds? Then perhaps you should explore the new-builds in our current developments.

These properties are spacious, modern, and inviting. In addition to that, they’re well insulated and are fitted with state-of-the-art heating systems that will keep your warm cozy throughout the winter absent the hefty utility bills—perfect for when Christmas comes around.

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