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Family Owned Property Development Company
in the South West

Our workforce is our family

We're about family
We care about Health and Safety

Health & safety is paramount

Our Vision

Our vision is a simple one really: we want nothing more than to continue producing high-quality homes
for those who work hard and deserve the finer things in life. 

We aim to grow the business by at least 50%, year on year, producing exceptional homes on a much grander scale, with the
end goal of course, to keep the family business running strong as it is passed down from generation to generation.

Nicky’s children, Holly & Kenny (an accountant and digital designer), have shown great promise and will undoubtedly
take the business to new heights – but not just yet!

Our Team

Meet Nicky Martin

Nicky Martin


Nicky Martin is not surprisingly the founder and lead driving force behind Martins Developments. A lifetimes experience in construction, starting out with his father and eventually taking over, Nicky is uniquely progressive in his ethos. Quality, susta …

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